Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year, Ya Filthy Animals

Wow, it has been awhile (like a couple years at least!) since I've written a blog post. However, lucky for you, dear reader (seriously though, is anybody reading this? hello? if so, drop me a line in the comments, friend!), it's 3:12 pm on a rainy Wednesday, and I'm at the library killing time before my yoga class and I'm fully caffeinated and procrastinating on a shit ton of things I have to do within the next two days, including but not limited to lesson planning for two different classes and revising my master's thesis. Whew! That was a long-ass sentence. Can you tell I'm hopped up on caffeine? Technically, I'm not supposed to be drinking it because it makes my anxiety absolutely unmanageable, but when you can hardly drag yourself out of bed due to stress, anxiety, and depression, fuck it, amirite? I'll just chug a shitload of wine to sleep! Yay for self-medicating with caffeine and alcohol, that's how I got through grad school in one semi-sane piece!
So, updates: Well, since I last posted a LOT has happened. I started (and almost finished, pending successful submission and defense of my thesis) graduate school, taught public speaking for a couple of quarters, moved from the bay back home, acquired a baby nephew, became enamored with yoga (running, I still love you but I'm old and my body is hella busted), started teaching high school, and met and fell head over heels for the love of my life. It's been a wild ride, y'all. Ups and downs, but right now I'm really happy. Like, the happiest I've ever been. Like, I'm so fuckin' happy I annoy myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm still suffering from some mental health stuff, but I have a much better grasp on my issues than ever. I think it comes from just getting to know one's self as one gets older, you know? That and I'm trying really hard to be a good role model for my nephew and my students. So I be slippin' sometimes but won't let myself totally fuck up. Anyway, I'm currently on vacation from work (winter break, wooohoooo!) so I need to work on my thesis edits, lesson planning for next quarter, and packing for my trip to Guatemala. I leave on Sunday and I'm so excited! My darling love whom I shall refer to as The Wizard or TW (hey, Carrie Bradshaw has Mr. Big, I have the fuckin' wizard, aight?!) is from Guatemala and he invited me to vacation with he and his family. *Kip from Napoleon Dynamite voice* So I guess you could say it's gettin' pretty serious. All joking aside, I am super stoked and super nervous! This trip will be our first big trip and my first real international trip! We did a quick road trip to L.A. for Christmas, which was really fun, and one of our first dates was a camping trip, but this is a biiig, week long trip! And I have never really been out of the country before, unless you count Victoria, Canada and Puerta Vallarta, Mexico when I was a kid (I don't). I just got my passport, which was a much easier process than I thought, and I'm ready to go! But first, I gotta do the boring, unfun stuff. Sigh. So back to my thesis and lesson planning. For my next post, I'll write about the process of getting an expedited passport. And then it's off to Guatemala, the Land of Eternal Spring (sounds glorious!). Until next time, stay rad! <3 nbsp="" p="">